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Last updated 2023-03-06.

We encourage free and open access to information. To that end, this website does not use cookies and does not sell or, unless compelled by law, otherwise disclose personal data.

However, like most websites, standard web server traffic logs ("access logs") may be generated by using it or by accessing its files (including metadata flat file datasets). These logs are necessary to prevent abuse, maintain security, and ensure performance. Logs may record IP address, resource requested, user agent / browser information, and timestamp. With the exception of the subdomain, these raw logs are held for no more than five days after which they are erased or anonymized. The subdomain may retain them longer given limitations of the hosting partner but they are held no longer than needed. does not collect other information except through these logs.

For more info or removal requests, please contact us or see privacy policy. That policy does not apply to webpages / files other than those at Sam Pottinger is currently the active project caretaker and has donated this website / hosting.

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