Map of fish density in the Gulf of Alaska

Cartoon school of fish. Python Tools for AFSC GAP

Community contributed Python-based tools for working with public bottom trawl surveys data from the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Groundfish Assessment Program (NOAA AFSC GAP). These datasets from multiple locations provide information about where certain species were seen and when under what conditions, information useful for research in ocean health. In addition to visual analytics tools that do not require code, it provides Pythonic access to the official API service with automated pagination, convenient contextual documentation, memory efficient zero catch (absence data) inference, and easy query generation / emulation for data filtering. We'd love to hear from you if you are using these tools! Send DSE an email.
Exploration Tool
Cartoon telescope
Explore an interactive in-browser visualization tool. No code needed but it optionally generates example Python code.
Example Notebook
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Launch an editable fully in-browser tutorial Jupyter notebook for learning the library in a practical hands-on Python environment.
Technical Docs
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Use developer guides and API documentation to learn the details of how to install, use, and extend the library.
Open Source
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Engage with the community on our GitHub: read the code, ask questions, report bugs, recommend features, and contribute patches.