Build docs

This document provided additional details for building the project from scratch, debugging, and getting started as a contributor.

Local development

After installing dev dependencies (pip install -e .[dev]), we recommend the following local checks:

$ nose2 --start-dir=afscgap
$ mypy afscgap/*.py
$ pyflakes afscgap/*.py
$ pycodestyle afscgap/*.py

Note these checks are run by CI / CD. Also, afscgapviz has separate tests as described in the visualization readme.


Thanks for your support! Pull requests and issues very welcome. We invite contributions via our project Github. Please read the file for more information.


While participating in the community, you may need to debug URL generation. Therefore, for investigating issues or evaluating the underlying operations, you can also request a full URL for a query:

import afscgap

query = afscgap.Query()
query.filter_latitude(eq={'$between': [56, 57]})
query.filter_longitude(eq={'$between': [-161, -160]})
results = query.execute()

print(results.get_page_url(limit=10, offset=0))

The query can be executed by making an HTTP GET request at the provided location.